At Holy Cross, we want to come alongside parents to help you disciple your children and fulfill God’s call to make disciples of others. Each week we provide Family Discipleship Questions that provide parents an opportunity for parents and children to engage with one another over what they heard in church so that it can be applied throughout the week. This week’s Family Discipleship Questions focus on 2 Corinthians 10:4.



Ask the whole family: what did you like best about church today ... or what did you think was interesting?



On Sunday we helped our team that is preparing to go minister to children at the school that Holy Cross constructed in India. How did we help? By wielding one of humanity’s most powerful weapons: prayer!

If your child brought home a prayer card, keep the card on the kitchen table and use it to remind you to pray for the team and the children they will meet from now through the end of the trip.

Didn’t make it to the service today? Download and print the card to the right and join in the circle of prayer surrounding our team. When they come back we will get to hear the stories of what God did on their journey!



I wonder if there is something you would like to share with a friend from church today?



Download this card and join in praying for the 2018 India Missions Team! 

Download this card and join in praying for the 2018 India Missions Team!