At Holy Cross, we want to come alongside parents to help you disciple your children and fulfill God’s call to make disciples of others. Each week we provide Family Discipleship Questions that provide parents an opportunity for parents and children to engage with one another over what they heard in church so that it can be applied throughout the week. 

Today’s Discipleship questions focus on our Summer of Service.


Ask the whole family: what did you like best about church today ... or what did you think was interesting?


Today all the kids in the Children’s Family Service received rice-bowl banks for them to take home over the summer. Every family can fill up their bowls with donations that will go to feed kids at Christian orphanages around the world.

At the end of the summer we will have a bowl breaking party (the plastic cracks like an egg if you hit it with a hammer!) and we will see how many kids God used us to help. If you’d like to see stories of some of the kids helped by this great organization, visit


I wonder if there is something you would like to share with a friend from church today?