Lay Ministries

Every Christian is called to service as a minister of the Gospel. There are many wonderful ways you and your family can serve God at Holy Cross on Sunday mornings.

Upcoming Ministry Training Meals

August 19 & 22

All new and current volunteers in the following areas are invited to dinners to train and equip you to serve. Please fill out the following, and then check the area you’d like to explore. Details about dinner will be emailed to you.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the church office (ellin@holycross.net or 843.883.3586).

Altar Guild (August 19, 5-7pm)
The Altar Guild ministry is for young and old alike, and is something that a child could assist a parent with. Serve once every four to six weeks and set up the elements that we use for communion each week, as well as set out the appropriate hangings and hymn numbers in the worship space.

Greeter & Usher (August 22, 6-8pm)
Welcome worshippers to Holy Cross with a friendly face, help with directions, and collect the offering. Perfect for individuals, couples and families.


Layreader & Chalice Bearer (August 19, 5-7pm)
Lead in worship through the reading of Scripture and the Prayers and serve the chalice during communion. High Schoolers & adults serve once every 4-6 weeks.

Prayer Ministries (August 22, 6-8pm)
Join a prayer team that prays for our church family during communion. Volunteers will be equipped to pray with a partner during worship at Holy Cross.


Other ways to serve:

Pre-K Ministry—Providing loving childcare at Holy Cross. 

Family Service Shepherds—Assist with children during our Children’s Family Service

Choir—Join the Holy Cross choir.

Praise Team—Join our team of vocalists and instrumentalists

Media Team—Produce sound and screens for contemporary services.

Photography or Video— Help document events at Holy Cross and create media for promotional use.