Visionary Family Weekend

October 13-14, 2017

The Visionary Family Weekend hosted by Church of the Holy Cross and the Diocese of South Carolina was an incredibly impactful weekend. We saw couples, parents, and grandparents from around our area gather to learn from the teaching of Dr. Rob Rienow. With lots of laughter and stories, Rob walked through three sections of practical teaching on marriage and parenting.


Already, the congregation at Holy Cross is benefiting from the ripple effects of this weekend! Stories have come in of husbands and wives getting home and immediately praying for the first time in their marriage. Parents received practical teaching on how to navigate the new world of technology that their kids are living in. Our parents are learning to raise children that know how to follow Jesus, not just follow the rules.


We at Holy Cross believe that this event was a successful next step in forming families that are equipped to disciple their children as a whole new generation grows up in our church to follow Jesus! Thank you to all who participated, supported, and prayed for this event.


You can listen or download the audio from the weekend conference and download the workbook below. 


Visionary Marriage


Visionary Parenting


Never Too Late Seminar


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