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Cookies for Kairos

What is Kairos? Kairos is a prison-based ministry designed to build strong Christian communities inside prison walls. It begins with a four-day short course in Christianity and continues with small share and prayer groups among the residents of the institution.

Why Cookies? When Kairos first began, participants in the program were harassed by the other inmates because they were given a break from regular duties to attend the weekend and enjoyed Kairos-prepared meals instead of prison food. Kairos developed the Cookie Ministry as a way to share the benefits of the Kairos Christian Community with everyone in the prison population, to encourage participation, and to create a more positive environment within the walls of the prison for those who choose to participate.

What happens with the Cookies? Lieber has over 1200 inmates. Over 5,000 dozen cookies are needed over the 4 day weekend so that every inmate and staff member inside the prison receive cookies each day. These homemade cookies are a tangible and vital expression of Christ’s love and witness from the outside Christian Community.
Not everyone can visit those in prison, but you can participate in Spirit by baking cookies.

When: Bring to April 1st worship services and look for the Kairos cookie collection bins
Thank you for sharing God’s love with those in prison through Kairos Cookies. Please follow these important specifications:

  • No store-bought cookies – home baked cookies only.
    Although the cookies are part of your gift, another major gift is that you are willing to spend your time preparing a blessing to show God’s love for everyone, even those in prison.
  • Please make the cookies thick and sturdy. Thin, crisp cookies break easily.
  • Allow cookies to cool completely before packaging so they do not stick together.
  • Package cookies in Zip Lock bags. No Aluminum Foil!
    The number of cookies per bag is not important.
  • One last but most important point – While you are baking, PRAY for the people who will receive your cookies. Who knows what heart will be touched, and what life will be changed through your act of love in baking cookies covered in prayer.
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